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Ella Bachè - Recharging and Restoring your Winter Skin

Ella Baché's theme this month is: Recharging and restoring your Winter skin.

Check out their two amazing offers below:

Treatment focus:

Stop The Clock 60 min| $145

Restore and replenish the skin with superfood ingredients to revive, plump and lift the skin's complexion.

Stop The Clock with LED 75 min | $160

Energise, restore and plump the skin with an add-on complexion booster LED. Fuelled with Maca and Spirulina, this treatment recharges and infuses the skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

Head to Ella Baché Subiaco or book online today!

📞 Phone: 9380 4772

🌐 Website:

📍 Located: 16/29 Station Street, Subiaco

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